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Did you ever wonder how a second opinion, even one obtained outside the Kaiser Permanente system can claim that the victim patient is totally incorrect as well as their diagnosis from current medical personnel?  Did you ever wonder how a medical expert providing testimony for Kaiser could come up with testimony that is counter to the obvious, both documented by medical records and visual examination?  Here is just one great big reason why that happens:

TPMG Physician Pool Handbook Cover Page
Scan shown immediately below has a transcription underneath for clarity.

TPMG Pool Handbook Professional Liability

TPMG Pool Physician Book Professional Liability


All physicians of The Permanente Medical Group are covered by Kaiser Foundation Health Plan for liability related to the furnishing or failure to furnish professional services within the scope and course of their employment by TPMG.  In consideration for TPMG and KFHP arranging for this liability coverage, physicians agree that TPMG and KFHP retain exclusive control of all arbitration, litigation and/or settlement of claims for professional negligence including the selection and retention of counsel for the defense of such claims.  Physicians agree to cooperate fully with TPMG and KFHP in the defense of said claims.  If a physician is no longer employed by TPMG, he/she will cooperate as necessary with the defense of any case.  In this latter circumstances, the physician will be compensated at a rate equivalent to the current unit rate for that specialty.

TPMG agrees to indemnify and hold harmless physicians for all claims, suits and judgments arising out of their performance or nonperformance of professional services, if the physicians act in a manner reasonably believed to be in the best interest of TPMG and within the scope and course of their employment.

In the absense of approval by the Board of Directors, professional liability coverage does not apply to volunteer medical services except in instances of emergency care.

TPMG Pool Physician Handbook