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Supporting documents, lawsuits, news articles, etc., for the 
personal testimony from William Y. Moores, M.D. regarding the conduct and business intent of The Permanente Medical Group and involvement of the Kaiser Health Plan specifically involving the former Dr. Terry McEnany, chief of the department of cardiovascular surgery at the San Francisco Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center.,9171,1101030609-455789,00.html

Summary of Format for Assisting *Dr*. McEnany during Practice as presented in Rose Mary Clark v M. Terry McEnany, M.D
Summary of Wisconsin Court of Appeals - Case No. Cir. Ct. No. 99-CV-656
Robert J. McElwain and Colleen L. McElwain v Physicians Insurance Company of Wisconsin, Midelfort Clinic, Ltd., Luther Hospital and M. Terry McEnany, M.D., Defendants-Respondents, Wisconsin Patients Compensation Fund,

Case of Phyllis Landis v. McEnany

State of Wisconsin Medical Examining Board document